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Eshe Duka Wants To Become A Model

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Eshe Duka belongs to Sokoto, which is also known as Sakkwato. Sokoto city is located in the Northwestern region of Nigeria. Eshe has recently completed her graduation and going to enter in the field of modeling. Eshe writes in her email that it is her dream to become a model or actress. She more tells that initially she will do only modeling and if she gets success in this field then she will try to join big screen.

Well Eshe thank you so much for sending your photo. We sincerely wish for fulfilling of your dreams and we sure that you will find soon some best opportunities for your career.

Nigerian Top Model Oluchi Onweagba

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The models at fashion Oluchi Onweagba, a Nigerian model who has been at the top of the international circuit for more than a decade Oluchi, whose first name in her native Igbo language means “God’s work,” was born in the Nigerian commercial capital of Lagos. Her father was a civil servant, and her mother was a nurse. In Nigeria, her name means “Work of God.” Her parents proudly gave birth to this fashion icon in the city Lagos. Before her rise in the international fashion industry, her tall and thin frame once earned her cruel nicknames at school.

“In Africa, beauty is more then a physical attribute, it’s a way of life.” M-Net, Africa’s premier network, launched a search for the face of Africa who will embody the beauty and dignity of the continent. Nineteen countries would participate. Once qualified in Lagos, Oluchi left Ghana victorious in a stunning achievement of natural ability. Despite her initial questions and doubts, Oluchi’s real journey began as she greeted this opportunity and called it her destiny. In Zimbabwe, after an intense question and answer period, twelve contestants stood on the final stage. Oluchi’s name rang out as the official Face of Africa.

As one of the top ten busiest models in New York, Oluchi diligently pursues her business degree from New York University. All the while launching her O-Model Management in Johannesburg and another office in Cape Town. An entrepreneur at heart, she plans to expand her modeling agency throughout Africa. As her career took off, she did not forget her roots and attempted to give back to society. As one of the most high profile international models of Nigerian origin, she tries to serve as a role model for other aspiring talents in the West African country, especially young girls. She volunteers her time and her image for such NGOs as LEAP Africa (an entrepreneurship incubator) and NIPRO. She also is continuing her higher education, having studied for an associate’s degree in the New York City educational system.

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