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Student Of Architecture Nwaoma Oba

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Nwaoma Oba has sent her photo through our contact form. Nwaoma belongs to Abuja. She is student of architecture in College of Architecture and Urban Studies USA. Nwaoma writes in her email that the College of Architecture and Urban Studies is one of top schools of architecture in the United States. It is located in Blacksburg, Virginia. The School of Architecture and Design offers a cross disciplinary program. It offers both Bachelor and Master’s degree courses in architecture. The courses help students to think independently and critically. Students learn to develop new strategies and new products. It arms them with all the knowledge and experience to go into private or public practice. This is rated among the top architecture programs.

Thank you so much Nwaoma for sending your picture. We wish you best of luck about your studies and future.

Anglia Ruskin University Student Palesa

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This profile is of Palesa from Ibadan. Plaesa is doing her post graduation from Anglia Ruskin University (Uk).  Palesa is very impressed by study in UK.  She thinks that the top universities in the UK have never failed to produce the most talented, intelligent and well-rounded people. This fact is verifiable in the number of successful people, whether in the past or present, that came from these institutions. Obtaining degrees from these highly reputed UK universities grants one with an impressive resume that can definitely give a nudge towards landing the top graduate jobs.

Well Palesa you are absolutely right that all institutes of UK are providing modern education which really helps to build your career in the best way.

American University of Nigeria Student Anaya Bakari

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Anaya Bakari belongs to Ondo. Anaya is studying in American University of Nigeria (AUN). She tells about her university that American University of Nigeria (AUN) is the first American university ever to be established in Nigeria. With David Huwiler as its founding president, it was commissioned by the Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar, and founded in partnership with the American University in Washington, D.C.

Anaya more tells that American University of Nigeria was created in response to the demand for high-quality, American-style higher education in West Africa. Each year, thousands of West African families send their sons and daughters to universities in the United States. Many of these students would prefer to study here, in Nigeria, if a comparable education were available. Well Anaya thank you very much for joining us. We wish you best of luch for your future.

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